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Ready for a challenge? 31 July 2017 - I have regular conversations with small business owners/directors. One recent conversation was typical of what I have discovered is a key issue facing so many small business owners/directors. The need for a strong, independent challenge every now and again. The business owner was referred to me under one of the local council mentoring schemes. So, it was free to them. I was the Finance Mentor as that is what the business owner said they wanted. The words that follow are a fair reflection of our conversation. Let me know if it rings true for you.....
Time for Your Business Financial Review? 23 May 2017 - Most small and medium sized business owners have a difficulty sorting out and controlling their finances. Well, no need struggle on your own any more when you can get your own personalised Business Financial Review to show you how you can improve your cash and profits.
Improve Your Business Finances – Top 5 Tips 14 May 2017 -

Improve Your Business Finances – Top 5 Tips

Let’s face it.

The vast majority of business owners and directors are not accountants.

In most cases your real expertise lies at the heart of your business – making stuff, designing things, training people, selling goods, providing services…….  After all, isn’t that what you are really good at and why you started your business in the first place?

Yet you run your business for profit as well, don’t you?  So you probably want:

more (or different) sales new [...]
Do you really need a Business Plan? 23 March 2017 - Not sure where your business is going? Spending too much time firefighting? No time to write a Business Plan? Would you like to take your business forward in the direction you want....? In this blog, we look at when you need a full Business Plan and when you don't. We also look at the key benefits of business planning and how you can take simple steps in your business that will make a real difference.......
Take Control of Your Business Finances in 2017 14 November 2016 - My recent 1-1 mentoring assignments with business owners/directors revealed 3 key areas where they wanted specialist financial support - bookkeeping, pricing and cash flow. You will leave with your own practical, personalised plan and easy to use checklists that you can implement immediately to improve your business. Read more here...... Places limited 100% money back guarantee if not fully satisfied
business troubleshooting Business Mentoring – insights from the front line 27 September 2016 - During the last two years alone, I have mentored over 50 owners and directors of small and medium sized businesses, most through local council-led mentoring schemes. This has given me a tremendous insight into the challenges that businesses face and how they can tackle them through the support of a business mentor who can bring external, professional perspective and challenge to their business. In this blog, I share my own experiences and how it helped to improve the business and the owners/directors for no or relatively little cost.
Small Business and Finance – an uneasy relationship? 18 June 2016 - Small business owners/directors can sometimes have an uneasy relationship with finance – bookkeeping, accountants, cash flow management, pricing, banking, tax, profit margins, cost control, forecasting, tracking sales and other business performance…….and so on. What makes me say this? Well, I have just completed over 30 separate finance mentoring assignments with small business owners/directors through a number of local council mentoring programmes and these were just some of the issues that they raised. The mentoring assignments revealed a range of great small businesses striving to improve an area where they recognised they had some challenges. Read more about this problem, the root causes, the effect it is having on small businesses and a proposed solution here
Small Business Support – why such a fragmented landscape? 24 March 2015 - Small Business Support – does the landscape have to be just so “fragmented”? So there I was......preparing to deliver my new SME Accredited Training Course for bankers and looking at my growing database of small business ‘stakeholders’ with their increasingly varied SME support interventions. I was reflecting on how simple life used to be when a small business owner needed support. Assuming that they had already tried family members or friends and needed to step the support up a level or two, they spoke to their bank manager….or their accountant….or the ‘official’ government business support body. The SME support landscape today is so very different with more new stakeholders and interventions arriving so fast that it is difficult to keep pace. So is this a good thing and what is the impact on the businesses that really need as much support as they can get? Find out more here.........
So there I was….reviewing a ‘fuzzy’ Strategic Plan 23 April 2014 - So there I was….reviewing a fuzzy Strategic Plan and wondering why the board did not see what I saw. It so happened that this was a Strategic Plan for a not-for-profit organisation, although it could easily have been for a private sector organisation. Boards / committees / chief executives should consider getting an external challenge on the Strategic Plan from someone with the ability to approach the task constructively and add real value by ensuring the plan makes sense and can be practically implemented.
Plan your business journey New website launch 18 December 2013 - Welcome to the new website for Admor Business Solutions, refreshed and updated with new features
Traditional Bank Managers Bring Back the Traditional Bank Managers! 11 December 2013 - Among the seemingly endless stream of stories about banks and small businesses, there is one that seemed to be gathering momentum since I first saw it formally aired some years ago. Have you noticed the growing clamour to get 'back to basics' when it comes to banks and how they interact with small businesses? Even if changes were made, would that actually have a positive effect or would it just lead to another rash of poor lending decisions and more bad debts? In January the Forum of Private Business joined the Campaign for Community Banking Services (CCBS) and called on Banks to restore local services - including lending powers - to help small firms access affordable finance. The media have picked up on this with a number of articles sympathetic to this view. As I was one of those 'Real' Bank Managers back in the mid 90's, I decided to wade through the hype and check out if the campaign has merit.