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FAQs Free advice from Admor

1. What is Business Mentoring?

Not to be confused with Business Consulting and Business Advising, business Mentoring is more about supporting the development of individuals well equipped with fundamental technical skills for their business, who need extra help in other skills areas to improve and develop themselves and their business.

2. What do you mean by ‘troubleshooting’?

You are probably familiar with the troubleshooter that appears when you have problems with your PC – crashes / lost connections etc? Well troubleshooting in business is much the same – you need help with some aspect of your business and we help you to identify the problem clearly, find practical solutions and implement them successfully.

3. What do you mean by firefighting?

You know when you keep trying to get those tasks done that you believe are really important and yet things keep getting in the way – orders not being delivered, staff not turning up, computers crashing, customers not paying on time etc etc? Well that’s what we mean by firefighting – you are putting out so many ‘fires’ every day that you just can’t find the time to step back from your business and plan or take the actions you need to sustain or grow your business.

4. Does having a business plan make any real difference?

Well that depends…If you write a business plan and give it pride of place in your drawer or on a shelf with other great literary productions, then no, it won’t make any real difference. However if you separately produce an Implementation Plan by extracting all the relevant key information from the business plan, track this regularly, seek and receive robust (preferably external) challenge and adjust it as you move forward and things change, then yes it will make a real difference.

5. What does a great business plan look like?

The web is littered with templates for business plans and lists of what the contents should be, so we won’t repeat those here. What you will not find as easily are the tips for making your Business Plan great so I have produced my own Top Tips and I will share those with you if you contact me through this site.

6. My problem is not strictly speaking financial, can you help with that?

Most business problems have a financial impact one way or the other. That said, we adopt a ‘holistic’ approach to your business, rather than just focusing narrowly on finance or banking issues and so we probe and challenge to see what the real problems are. We also have a network of contacts who are specialists in many other areas if required, although you will deal with us as your primary contact.

7. I am not based in your locality, can you help my business?

We have the ability to communicate with you at any distance – by phone, e-mail or online. We use Google Hangouts or Skype for distance ‘face to face’ meetings and we really make the most of these to make sure you get the help you need.

8. What is the cost of your services?

The first consultation is free and in truth if this confirms we cannot help you and your business, we will not waste your time or ours. If we can help you, we then provide you with a written engagement letter that includes a clear set of recommendations and transparent price before you commit to anything. No obligation. We also offer a full refund if our services do not meet what we agreed to do for you.

9. I am just starting a business, how do I know if it is actually viable?

Time spent at the early stage of a business can be invaluable and avoid problems later on. What we recommend is that you consider having a good hard look at your business model i.e. what exactly you are offering, what it will cost, who will buy it, what they will pay etc., before you complete a full business plan. We can help you to establish your own business model that can then form the basis for your business plan if you do decide to go ahead.

10. How do I know that I am dealing with a professional firm?

Admor Business Solutions is owned and managed by Tony Haren who is a Member in Practice for CIMA, one of the largest Accounting bodies in the world, a member of the Institute of Banking, Member in Practice of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and he has been working with businesses for over 30 years. CIMA operates a Code of Ethics and a regulated Continuing Professional Development programme that all members must abide by. You can also check out our testimonials to see what our customers are saying.