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Welcome To Admor Business Solutions

Admor Business Solutions provides specialist finance and corporate governance support to businesses, charities and other voluntary organisations. Contact us today and find out how you can assess and improve your organisation against best practice standards.

Third Sector Governance Tool

Our online Third Sector Governance Tool will help your board assess how effective you are in achieving your objectives and meeting key governance code ...

Business Finances

Our Business Finances services will help you review and improve the key financial areas of your business

Company Health Check Tool

Our online Company Health Check Tool will benchmark your company against best practice standards, policies and procedures, ready for the next level

Charity Sector

The charity sector plays a crucial role in society, often bridging gaps that other providers leave unfilled.

And many charity trustees join boards or committees to offer their voluntary services to help the charity meet its objectives.

While the board often contains a great mix of the skills needed, at times they need to reach out for specialist support.

That’s where Admor Business Solutions can step in.

We provide specialist support on corporate governance which is really important in the charity sector.

Charity Governance

Best practice suggests that charities should carry out a corporate governance self-assessment review every year. And larger charities should complete an external review every three years.

The problem is that trustees and senior management often aren’t sure where to start with a governance review.

Paper checklists

Many boards use paper checklists for this, which can take up valuable time and cause a strain on resources. Using external consultants can also be time consuming and expensive.

You can save your valuable time and resources now by completing your annual corporate governance review online.

And you will generate your own bespoke SMART Governance Action Plan. This will show your board how to improve your standards based on the latest charity governance codes.

Fast and easy to use, register today and assess your charity’s corporate governance arrangements online.

Watch our Explainer Video here

Watch how the Third Sector Governance Tool works and how you can assess and improve your charity governance

Register for your Free Preview here

Good Governance – Free Preview of the Third Sector Governance Tool

We provide a free preview of the Third Sector Governance Tool.

Access a full section of the Third Sector Governance Tool with no need to provide your payment details.

See how your voluntary board can self-assess your governance arrangements (either face to face or online via Zoom or MS Teams) and improve your third sector organisation.

Company Health Check Tool

When was the last time you carried out a company health check?

When did you last step back from the day to day operations and check how your business operates against best practice procedures and standards?

Our Company Health Check Tool also incorporates key good governance standards and will help you take that step back and review your operating practices, policies and procedures.

Family owned businesses

What do you do if your family owned business or professional practice wants to improve your system, procedures and oversight?

What do you do if you want to grow your business and you want to make sure that you have good solid foundations?

Up to now, you have to either assess it yourself or bring in a professional adviser who can help you do this. And this can be expensive.

Well now, there is an alternative. You can save your valuable time and resources by assessing your company online.

And you will generate your own bespoke SMART Action Plan. This will show you and your board how to improve your operating standards, benchmarked against best practice.

Fast and easy to use, register today and assess your company’s governance and other operating arrangements online.

Business Finances

Here at Admor Business Solutions, we tailor our business finances solutions to match you and your business. 

Improving cash flow and profit, getting the most from your bookkeeping or developing your plans and forecasts means that we have the solutions for you.

And when you need an independent professional to share your business challenges with, we’ve got that covered too with our 1-1 mentoring, training and consultancy.

Contact us now for an initial, no obligation discussion to see what we can do to help you improve your business.

Find out more about our Company Health Check Tool

Read more about how you can assess your business against best practice benchmarks online now.

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