Board services

Our board services help your board to improve your effectiveness.  Does your board have a finance, risk or governance challenge that you really want to solve?  Is it affecting your business?  Why not deal with this now, so you can get on with running your business…..?

Our board experience

Tony has served 3 terms (almost 8 years) as a board director and trustee of a charity. As Head of the Finance sub-committee he oversaw key improvements within the organisation including:

  • Recruitment and appointment of a new Finance Manager to oversee operational financial
  • Tendering for and also the appointment of new external accountants
  • Transitioning the board to improve effectiveness though paperless board meetings and reporting
  • Online self-assessment of corporate governance to improve effectiveness
  • Introduction of key governance templates and documentation
  • Development of a new risk management recording and reporting framework
  • Introduction of a standardised system for review and approval of key policies
  • Development of a 3 year strategic plan to help the organisation plan for growth and impact

Tony also served a supervisor in a credit union.  There he introduced improvements to board reporting, internal audit checks and governance documentation.

As a result of the above, Tony has a great understanding of how boards work and what needs to be done to improve them.

Our board services for directors include:

  • Helping you to improve the quality of your board reports and your reporting framework
  • Assisting your board to investigate and improve your corporate governance
  • Working with your board to improve the quality of the financial information collected and presented
  • Identifying risk management challenges and finding solutions
  • Joining your board as a non-executive director to help you improve your business even more

We help you and your board to pinpoint your challenges, identify real solutions and implement practical steps so that you can improve your business.

If you want to see how you can improve your board and your business, then contact us today