Business Mentoring

Our Experience

We have been providing 1-1 business mentoring services for over 15 years to small business owners/directors.

Tony has helped over 100 business owners and directors across all key sectors to take a step back and look at their business finances.  The focus of the mentoring always depends on the business owner and the specific business priorities that they want to deal with.

Most owners have had some sort of problem with their bookkeeping – usually they aren’t in control and often don’t know where to start.  In many cases their existing accountants have been largely silent.  Establishing a good bookkeeping system is a great foundation for improving your business finances.  Read more about our business finances services here.

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Feeling isolated?

Running your own business can make you feel that you are isolated at times.  You can be the owner, manager, sales director, employer, production manager, bookkeeper all at the same time.

Often there are just so many issues to deal with.  Yet it’s difficult to find someone independent and professional to share your issues with.  And someone to provide you with objective analysis and support so you can address your issues.

Above all, it can help to have someone to support you with your challenges and establish solutions in a professional and objective way.

1-1 Business Mentoring

That’s where our 1-1 mentoring can help you.  If you need to deal with a specific business challenge or issue, it helps to take a step back.  Meeting regularly with a professional mentor, can help you decide where you want to go and how to get there.

Use our professional mentoring service to make the difference.

This is a service we also provide if you work in the charity, credit union or other not-for-profit sector.

Admor Business Solutions provides mentoring support by way of an independent, professional ‘challenge’ role through regular 1-1 meetings – either face to face, over the phone or online.

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