Business Planning

Business Planning and Forecasting

Business planning and forecasting is a way to help you to grow your business, diversify into different markets or develop and sell new products.

Would you like a formal business plan or would you just like to apply some structure around your plans for the future?

Whatever your needs, we can assist you to develop your business in a new direction:

  • Business plans will formalise your thinking and so prepare your business for growth
  • Profit and Cash Flow Forecasts will crystallise your future plans into target income and expenditure so that you can see the impact of your plans
  • Funding applications support will improve your chances of getting approval for your plans so you can grow or diversify your business

At Admor Business Solutions we offer support and advice so that you can develop your business.  You can take control of your business finances, undertake practical business planning and then actually make it happen.

Why not start now to take your business forward with our professional help?

We can help you to improve your business finances:

  • Use our Business Financial Health Check so you can identify your business financial strengths and weaknesses
  • Review your bookkeeping system so you can improve your records and prepare your business for Making Tax Digital

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