Third Sector Services

Third Sector Services

We offer a range of specialist Third Sector services.

Our Third Sector experience

Tony has extensive experience as a director and trustee of a registered charity.  As former Head of the Finance sub-committee, he certainly understands that strong financial management at board level is critical.

He also has experience as a credit union supervisor and is a qualified Chartered Management Accountant.  As a result, he has a strong insight into Third Sector finance, risk and governance.

Third Sector solutions

The following specialist solutions are available to charities and other not-for-profit bodies:

  • Online Governance Improvement Tool, so you can improve your Third Sector governance
  • Not-for-profit Financial Health Check, in order to identify the financial strengths and weaknesses in your organisation
  • Independent Examination of charity accounts, so you can be assured that your finances are in good order
  • Credit Union Supervisory Role, to enable you to meet PRA and other regulatory requirements, so you can reassure your members and your board
  • 1-1 Mentoring to CEOs and Senior Staff, to help you to improve your own impact and that of your organisation
  • Training on key financial, risk and governance related topics

Corporate governance self-assesment

We offer a corporate governance self-assessment tool for your charity or other not-for-profit board.  It’s web-based, therefore you can complete it online from wherever you’re located.

Ask yourself these governance questions:

  • Do our corporate governance arrangements meet the latest standards?
  • Are we meeting our legal responsibilities as trustees and/or board members?
  • Can we show evidence to all new (and existing) board members that we are well governed?

If you answered no (or don’t know!) to any of these questions, then we can help.

Use our online Governance Improvement Tool to self-assess and improve your corporate governance.  You will save valuable time over paper-based checklists and save money in contrast to the time and cost of an external governance consultant.

Our solution will help reassure you, your board and your key stakeholders that your corporate governance standards are high.


how good is your governance
Helping boards to improve governance

Improve corporate governance in your charity or other not-for-profit organisation in 5 simple steps with this Governance Improvement Tool

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