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As a business owner, you’re great at what you do – web design; making furniture; selling goods or whatever.

When it comes to your bookkeeping, do you keep putting off updating your records and tracking your income and costs?  Maybe you struggle with the terminology?

Well, you’re not on your own.  Many business owners struggle with this aspect of running their business.

One of the fundamentals of a good business is a sound, fit-for-purpose bookkeeping system.

4 reasons why you need a good bookkeeping system:

  1. You will spend far less time on recording and reconciling your transactions
  2.  Your bookkeeping records will be much more accurate and up to date for your digital tax returns
  3. You could save money as your accountant may charge you less fees for less work
  4. You will have great peace of mind from knowing you have taken control of your business finances

Financial Management

Once you take back control with a better bookkeeping system, you can then aim to improve other aspects of your business finances:

  • Review your pricing policy so as to ensure that you are pricing correctly and to maximise your profit
  • Analyse your cash flow so you keep cash flow moving with clear terms of trade, prompt invoicing and payment to suppliers
  • Control your stock so you can keep levels at the most efficient for your business
  • Establish the future of your business with some clear planning and forecasting

Business Finance Training

If you or your staff need some practical training on financial matters, we can help you with 1-1 training based on your individual needs.

Learn how you can take charge of your finances – bookkeeping; cash flow; profit; growth; cost analysis and much more.

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