Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Third Sector Governance Tool?

2. How often should our charity board assess its governance arrangements?

Best practice suggests that your charity board should assess its governance arrangements every year, with an external evaluation every three years. So, you should undertake two years of internal assessments followed by an external assessment in year three. Our charity governance tool enables you to complete that online.

3. How quickly will we receive our Report and Action Plan?

Your Report and Action Plan will be immediately available to download after you complete all sections of our Third Sector Governance Tool or Company Health Check Tool.  No need to wait days or even weeks for a report to be sent to you – it’s available immediately for you to action.  Watch our short Explainer Video to show you how it works so effectively.

4. What is charity governance?

A common definition of charity governance is, “the system by which charities are directed and controlled.” Charity Governance Codes set out key principles that provide benchmarks and standards of good corporate governance for charities. Charities should comply with these codes or explain why you don’t.

5. What is the Company Health Check Tool?

The Company Health Check Tool helps business owners and directors to benchmark their business against best practice standrads and procedures.

6. What organisations can use your Company Health Check and Governance Tools?

Voluntary organisations can use the Third Sector Governance Tool as the issues are common and the governance codes are generally similar for all voluntary organsations. You can try out our Third Sector Governance Tool Free Preview version with no obligation. Private Sector businesses (who employ staff) can use the Company Health Check Tool to benchmark your business against best practice standards, procedures and practices and see where you may need to improve your business.

7. Is support available to complete your Company and Third Sector Governance Tools or to implement the SMART Action Plan afterwards?

Yes, we provide a board support package to help complete our Company and Third Sector Governance Tools or to implement the SMART Action Plan afterwards. This includes facilitation and/or high quality templates and documentation if required. Contact us for more details.

8. What Business Finances services do you offer?

We tailor our business finances services to your business, so you only get the support where you need it most. When we engage with you, we use our unique Business Financial Health Check to discover exactly what support you need. Or you can complete our online comprehensive Company Health Check in your own time. Find out more about our Business Finances support here.

9. What are the “5 Pillars of Good Business Finances”?

The “5 Pillars of Good Business Finances” are a unique way to assess your organisation against good financial management benchmarks. Use this structured approach to find out what aspects of your business finances you need to prioritise. Or contact us for more details and support.

10. Do you provide a 100%, no quibble, 12 months, money back guarantee?

Yes, we provide a 100%, no quibble, 12 months, money back guarantee with both the Third Sector Governance Tool and the Company Health Check Tool. This is because we are so confident that you will be happy with how it can help you assess and improve your governance or business operations – even if you have used it during the year. Contact us for more details here.

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