Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an effective board?

2. How often should our board assess its governance arrangements?

Best practice suggests that you should assess your board should assess its governance arrangements every year, with an external evaluation every three years.  So, you should undertake two years of internal assessment followed by an external assessment in year three.

3. How can your Third Sector Governance Tool help our charity board?

Our Third Sector Governance Tool can help your charity board by benchmarking your board against best practice standards. It’s easy to use and it replaces time consuming paper checklists and potentially expensive consultants.  Watch our short Third Sector Governance Tool Explainer Video to show you how it can help your charity board.

4. What is charity governance?

A common definition of charity governance is, “the system by which charities are directed and controlled.” Charity Governance Codes set out key principles that provide benchmarks and standards of good corporate governance for charities. Charities should comply with these codes or explain why you don’t.

5. What is the link between board effectiveness and good governance?

The link between board effectiveness and good governance is that you cannot have an effective board where governance is weak.  Nor can your charity board operate to good governance code standards without being effective at your purpose and objectives. Why not try out our free preview?

6. What organisations can use your Company Health Check and Governance Tools?

Voluntary organisations can use the Third Sector Governance Tool as the issues are common, as the governance codes argenerally for all voluntary organsations. You can try out our Third Sector Governance Tool Free Preview version with no obligation.  Private Sector businesses can use the Company Health Check Tool to benchmark your business against best practice standards.

7. Is support available to complete your Company and Third Sector Governance Tools or to implement the SMART Action Plan afterwards?

Yes, we provide a board support package to help complete our Company and Third Sector Governance Tools or implement the SMART Action Plan afterwards. This includes facilitation and/or high quality templates and documentation if required.  Contact us for more details.

8. What Business Finances services do you offer?

We tailor our business finances services to your business, so you only get the support where you need it most.  We use our Business Financial Helath Check to discover exactly what support you need. Find out more about our Business Finances support here.

10. Our board may need support in a number of different areas, is that available?

If your board needs support in a number of different areas, please contact us. We understand that it is better to discuss your specific board’s needs to establish exactly what support is required.  Contact us for more details here.

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