Governance Self-assessment Tool for Charities

Use our Governance Self-assessment Tool for charities to see how strong your corporate governance arrangements are.

All at a fraction of the cost of a consultant.  And much faster.

Our Governance Self-assessment Tool for charities is benchmarked against the latest Governance Codes, You can choose the code relevant to your organisation:

  • England & Wales (Smaller Charities)
  • Northern Ireland
  • Scotland or
  • Republic of Ireland

Why use our Governance Self-assessment Tool?

  • Easy to use with clear section headings and questions
  • Relevant to your organisation as it is benchmarked against your latest Charity Governance Codes
  • Saves you valuable time because you don’t have to write up reports and action plans afterwards
  • You decide the pace as you can complete it at one board session or over several sessions
  • It can be accessed for a fraction of the cost of engaging a consultant

Take these 4 simple steps to self-assess your charity’s corporate governance now:

  1. Register online.
  2. Arrange an online or face to face meeting for your full board (or sub-committee).
  3. Complete the Governance Self-assessment Tool for charities.
  4. Generate your own SMART Governance Action Plan – instantly.

Then you just need to set and agree your own priorities and deadlines to implement your bespoke Governance Action Plan over time.

Register here to self-assess your corporate governance arrangements and improve your charity’s effectiveness.