Other Services

Other Services

Our other services will enable you to improve your business or charity where you need it most:

  • 1-1 Business Mentoring
  • Non-executive director
  • Investigations
  • Business planning and forecasting
  • Financial training – workshops and webinars
  • Bank funding – analysis and reviews of debt structures

Like many business owners and directors, your main skills and expertise probably lie in your own area of expertise. That’s what motivated you to set up your own business in the first place.

This often means you rely on your external accountant to provide you with the guidance and support when you need it.

But your external accountant doesn’t always have the time.  Or sometines even the broader business expertise.

That’s where we can help you…..

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5 Pillars of Good Business Finances

Our other services will help you where your business or charity needs the greatest support.

Our unique “5 Pillars of Good Business Finances" is part of our Business Financial Review service.  Often this identifies areas that you may not have realised are causing problems such as:

  • 1.   A strong business model
  • 2.   Adequate funding
  • 3.   Good bookkeeping
  • 4.   A reliable accountant
  • 5.   Regular oversight and business planning

Each pillar needs to be strong enough to ensure that your business is in good financial shape.

Business Finances – a Structured Approach

This structured approach means that we can treat you and your business individually. So we can tailor our services to precisely where you need them most.

We have used this technique successfully with hundreds of small and medium sized businesses and so we know it works.

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Find out how your business measures up against our 5 Pillars of Good Business Finances.

Contact us today and discover your business financial strengths and weaknesses.

And where we can show you how to improve your business finances.

An independent, professional review of your business finances

When was the last time you had an independent, professional review of your business finances?

Have you ever had a financial review focused on what you really need?

The problem is like most businesses, you probably rely on your external accountant for your annual accounts. But that is often just that. An annual event for full year accounts that you use for your tax returns.

As our review is benchmarked against the 5 Pillars of Good Business Finances, this means that you can focus on improving the areas that matter.

And we can work with your accountant when you want it.

Remember, stronger business finances give you a greater sense of control and peace of mind.

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