Admor Third Sector Governance Tool

The Admor Third Sector Governance Tool allows your board to self-assess your governance arrangements. The tool includes benchmarks against best practice charity governance code standards.

There are seven separate sections for the board to review:

  1. Board roles and responsibilities
  2. Board composition and development
  3. Strategic leadership & performance
  4. Operating the board
  5. Audit, risk & financial management
  6. Legal & compliance
  7. External relationships

Third Sector Governance Tool - 5 Easy Steps

Register for the Admor Third Sector Governance Tool and follow these 5 easy steps:

Step 1: Organise a board or a sub-committee meeting (face to face or online)

Step 2: At the meeting, share the Third Sector Governance Tool questionnaire screen and answer the questions in all seven sections

Step 3: Generate your Report and SMART Action Plan

Step 4: Name and save your Report and SMART Action Plan

Step 5: Complete the SMART Action Plan with responsibilities, priorities and timeframes and provide evidence where you meet the standards

And now you’re ready to implement the agreed actions to improve your organisation’s governance arrangements!

Register Now For The Admor Third Sector Governance Tool

Third Sector Governance Tool - benefits

  • Saves your organisation money – for a one-off price of just £695.00 (with no hidden subscription fees) you can save £’000s on a specialist consultant who could cost from £500+ per day and take from two to eight weeks to complete this process
  • Saves time and resources – your board and your staff could take a long time completing cumbersome paper checklists and then writing up the report and actions, which you then have to agree with the board
  • Provides structure – the SMART Governance Action Plan is clearly laid out in a way that you can easily understand and follow
  • Meets key governance requirements – this allows you to “Comply or Explain” your organisation’s adherence to important Governance Code Principles

Third Sector Governance Tool – Free Preview

If you would prefer a quick check on how the Admor Third Sector Governance Tool works, try our Free Preview version. This provides full access to one of the seven sections so you can see how easy the tool is to use – no need to commit your payment details.

When you want to register to access the full version, there is a link provided to the registration page.

If your board would like further support or more in-depth guidance including follow-up advice on implementation, please get in touch with us today.

Other Voluntary Organisation?

If your voluntary organisation is not a registered charity (such as a Credit Union, Sports Body, School/Academy or a Membership Body with a Voluntary Committee), you will still find that the Third Sector Governance Tool is relevant to your organisation. Our Free Preview version will let you check that out and if you have any queries please contact us here.

Third Sector Governance Tool - smaller charities

We recognise that not all charities are the same size. Many smaller charities don’t have any staff and turnover is usually below £100,000 or equivalent.

Our Third Sector Governance Tool can be used by any size of charity, just choose the actions relevant to your size and your organisation.

If you want to check it out first, then try our Free Preview here.

For more details about our unique Third Sector Governance Tool  Contact us here.

Remember, we offer a 100%, no quibble money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied at any time during your 12 months acccess. We will send you a refund straight back to your bank account. Even if you’ve used the tool as many times as you want – we’re that confident that it will make a difference and improve your organisation.