Business Planning

“By failing to prepare, you are planning to fail”
– Benjamin Franklin

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

“I have a great idea for my business, I just don’t know how to really take it forward and turn it into a profitable reality…”

“I am tired of working so hard for so little profit and I need to take a real hard look at where my business needs to be in 3 years’ time”


“I have a Business Plan already but I am not sure if it really all makes sense or how I can actually make it all happen…”

Many business owners find it difficult to introduce business planning in any structured way to improve their business This is often caused by excessive time spent on firefighting problems and someimes this is mixed with weaknesses in financial understanding, management and control.

Admor Business Solutions offers support and advice on how you can develop a clear, viable business model, take control of business finances, complete some practical business planning and then actually implement it.

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