«I needed help to first prepare a clear, professional borrowing proposal for my business that I could present to the bank and then once agreed, actually assist me in making it happen.  Admor Business Solutions helped me to successfully steer my way through the various stages with the bank and I now have real peace of mind as I am receiving the 1-1 mentoring support on the actions I need to make the plan a reality.»
Martin, Belfast

«Thanks so much for your help with my Business Plan, the advice you provided helped me to develop real structure into the plan that now showcases my start-up business really well. Whenever possible I will send people your way.»
Susan, Cork

«Admor Business Solutions worked with me on my Business Plan, the challenges were just what I needed and the suggestions were spot on.»
Tara, Galway

«Thanks for your professionalism in helping us put together our business plan and functional operational plan for the next 12 months. This will keep us focused and help lay the foundation for the next 3-5 years.»
Stephen, Belfast